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A Message From Our Priest, Fr. John Mikhail

I would like to welcome you to St. Justina Coptic Orthodox Church, a growing parish with over 200 families within the Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Los Angeles. The Coptic Orthodox Church was established in Egypt by St. Mark the Apostle in the first century. Since our founding, we have practiced the traditional worship of our Lord Jesus Christ through liturgical services.
St. Justina Coptic Orthodox Church is known for her welcoming and family-like atmosphere. We strive to meet the needs of her growing congregation through various services and activities. It is my hope that you will utilize our website to stay informed and up to date with our ongoing services so that you feel connected to St. Justina from wherever you are. I strongly encourage you to explore our Live Stream feature which allows the viewer to have full access to live audio and video of our Liturgies, meetings and Bible studies. There are numerous other features of this website which have been created to expand your knowledge and to ensure that all of our current members and prospective members stay involved with our young and growing church. I hope that you will use our website for your benefit and to the full extent of its potential. May God grant us prosperity and help us to continue to grow in faith and in love.

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