When talking about serving the church with God-given talents and gifts, people oftentimes think too small. Some picture the ideal Sunday school teacher, some the deacon chanter, and others  the choir singer. But if they don’t happen to be naturally adept at singing or teaching, they give up far too quick.

To challenge those misconceptions, we must understand that the church is a body of believers, each one uniquely gifted by God to guide, help, challenge, and support the rest. Saint Paul’s metaphor of body parts working together harmoniously is a helpful description of how one small action can have a widespread impact [1 Corinthians 12:18–26]. Consider the way tensing your big toe keeps your foot stable and thereby steadies your whole body. In the same way, a gentle rebuke, a listening ear, or a loving deed benefits the church by strengthening one brother or sister, who then supports another…

We are on this earth to serve the kingdom of God and His church. And we do that by ministering to each other in small ways that steady the whole body as we give extra support to one member. In talking about such service, I am challenging you to find a need that God can meet through you.

– Fr. John Mikhail

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