Servant’s Enrichment Program

Servant Enrichment Program

Mission Statement

To provide participants with a solid Orthodox Christian education, which enables them to grow in faith, to search for knowledge and truth, and continue building the Kingdom of God on earth. By active involvement in the learning process, individuals are prepared to “serve the Lord with gladness” (Psalm 100:2) and are trained to live a life of Christian Leadership. They are also prepared to pass their love for God and the true Christian teachings to the new generation.


God willing, the comprehensive curriculum includes courses that cover major topics such as:

  1. Biblical Studies: New & Old Testament,
  2. Church history,
  3. Orthodox Studies,
  4. Liturgical Studies,
  5. Spiritual & Comparative Theology, and
  6. Educational Segments such as counseling & human behavior.

These courses will be evenly distributed over a two-year period in order to cover the above-mentioned subjects. As previously stated, the curriculum assumes an academic setting in both it’s timing dimension and the quality of education provided. Course materials (including PowerPoints, lectures in audio/video, assignments, and articles) will all be posted on an online platform


Each course will have anywhere from 8 to 10 class/session meetings over 8-10 week periods. The year will consist of three quarters excluding summer periods. Our hope and prayer is that we cover a total of 6-8 courses over a two-year period that would result in a 100-125 hours of advanced Christian education that is suited to those who wish to serve the Lord Jesus Christ in a variety of ministries.

For this quarter, classes will promptly begin meeting on Sunday nights at @ 7:30 pm till 9:00 pm. 

Target Audience

This curriculum will primarily be delivered to the Sunday School servants of the church. However, Fr John is permitting and allowing any of the church’s congregational members, who are diligently seeking to learn more about the faith, to join and enroll in the classes. Please remember, that these courses are required and are considered mandatory for all young English-speaking servants; other servants are highly encouraged to attend.


Those of you who are interested in the Servant Enrichment Program, please click HERE in order to register for the Winter Quarter (February-March). Also, if you haven’t yet, please do not forget to click HERE in order make a $20 payment that will be used towards Course Materials.

Upon completion of every course, the students who are enrolled in that specific course will receive a certificate of completion. Fr. John is requesting that a roster of students may be generated in every course in order to keep transcript records on each student.

SEP – OT(1) Session 6

Servant's Enrichment Program - OT, Session 6

SEP – OT(1) Session 5

Servant's Enrichment Program - OT, Session 5

SEP – OT(1) Session 4

Servant's Enrichment Program - OT, Session 4

SEP – OT(1) Session 3

Servant's Enrichment Program - OT, Session 3

SEP – OT(1) Session 2

Servant's Enrichment Program - OT, Session 2

SEP – OT(1) Session 1

Servant Enrichment Program - OT 1 Session 1