Sunday School
At St. Justina’s, we understand the importance of focusing on our kids; and that’s why we’re honored to continue the legacy of our fathers in a comprehensive Sunday School program that serves every age group. (Read More)
College/Graduates Youth Meeting
College/Graduates Ministry is a group of youth aged 18-26 who meet on a weekly basis to engage as fully functioning member of St. Justina’s through small groups, Friday night activities, and Saturday night meetings. (Read More)
Arabic Family Meeting
A family that prays together, stays together! St. Justina’s church makes an effort to focus on the individuals in your family, but we know that the family unit is just as important. St. Justina’s Arabic Family Meeting is designed to focus on those who primarily speak the Arabic language in providing them with spiritual messages as they relate to marriage-enhancement and parenting. (Read More)
Simeon the Elder Meeting
This meeting is geared towards our Senior Citizens who continue to strive to endure a life in Christ. They begin with a Divine Liturgy on Wednesdays and continue on with an AGAPE Meal followed by fellowship. (Read More)
Servant's Enrichment Program
St. Justina’s church has developed a program that provides participants with a solid Orthodox Christian education, which enables them to grow in faith, to search for knowledge and truth, and continue building the Kingdom of God on earth. By active involvement in the learning process, individuals are prepared to “serve the Lord with gladness” and for lived of Christian Leadership. Click below to find more about the program. (Read More)
The ministry of Deaconship is exclusively reserved for those who are willing to uphold the image of the angelic bodies that surround  the throne of God in earthly Jerusalem. (Read More)